Blood Pressure and Memory: Is There a Link?

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You know that keeping your blood pressure in check is healthy for your body, but did you know it can also benefit your brain?

Multiple studies have shown a link between healthy blood pressure numbers and cognitive function. If you are concerned about your risk for dementia or even the ability to remember facts as you age, Tallwoods Care Center has the facts you need to protect your cardiovascular system and your brain function.

The Dangers of High Blood Pressure

Chronically high blood pressure, known as hypertension, can affect your body in many negative ways, according to the Mayo Clinic. Hypertension may cause severe complications to:

  • Your arteries, causing narrowing and limiting blood flow
  • Your heart, leading to coronary artery disease and heart failure
  • Your brain, raising your risk for stroke, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia

Unchecked hypertension can also create problems with your eyes and kidneys, and even lead to sexual dysfunction.

Blood Pressure’s Effect on the Brain

Numerous studies have linked hypertension and cognitive impairment. A 2009 study found a link between high blood pressure and memory problems in adults over the age of 45, according to a report at Science Daily.

In 2016, the National Institute on Aging cited numerous studies that discovered high blood pressure in the middle years of life increased the risk for cognitive decline in older adults.

Most recently, a study published in the American Journal of Managed Care in January 2019 found that patients with hypertension and blood vessel damage in the brain’s white matter were at increased risk for cognitive decline even if the hypertension was controlled with medication.

How to Lower Your Risk

The good news is that adults that effectively control hypertension through medication and other means are more apt to reduce their likelihood of experiencing cognitive decline in the later years of life as well.

In addition, hypertension treatment that includes healthy lifestyle changes goes a long way in preserving your health and vitality in many other ways. Collecting the right information is the first step to a healthier, happier life.

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