Tallwoods Care Center: How We Help Seniors Combat Serious Loneliness

It’s totally understandable for seniors to experience loneliness when away from their family and friends – even if they are staying in the best nursing home at Community Medical Center.

However, the Tallwoods team is committed to doing their very best to reduce the risk of their seniors ending up with extreme episodes of loneliness or depression.

In fact, it’s their goal to not only reduce loneliness but also to encourage their seniors to have some fun!

3 Ways Tallwoods Care Center Helps Reduce Senior Loneliness

There are three ways that Tallwoods Care Center helps seniors stay happy and healthy – and to help them have some fun in the process.

1. The Importance of Group Activities

At Tallwoods, seniors are encouraged to engage in group activities, like playing games, taking part in craft classes, or getting involved in the book club.

2. Making Exercise Fun Again

Another way seniors can combat loneliness and have some fun is with Tallwoods group exercise programs, including the walking club.

3. Encouraging the Tallwoods Care Center Team to Engage with Seniors

The caretakers at Tallwoods are hired not simply because they’re competent, but because they really care about the seniors in their care. They’re encouraged to help seniors with their physical needs, as well as taking some time to visit with them each day.

Can You Help, Too? How Family Members Can Reduce Senior Loneliness

One of the best ways family members can help is to visit their loved ones while they’re staying in a nursing facility at Community Medical Center.

What seniors often miss the most is seeing their loved ones on a daily basis. Visit as often as you can. Take them out for a day trip, to the movies, or somewhere out in nature.

Even if you can’t visit them in person, do your best to call them regularly. That will make their day!

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